December 2006: A book and writing opportunity from the Book of Notes

Please see previous post for why the “From the Book of Notes” section is not normally part of the Catholic Worker Digest. December 2006’s column by Ric Rhetor mentions a couple of books by Jim Douglass that sound interesting:

If you’d like to buy your own copies of the above or other recently reissued Douglass works, contact Wipf and Stock Publishers, 199 West 8th Avenue, Ste 3, Eugene OR 97401 Tel: 541-344-1528.

The column also notes that Bob Tavani is trying to restart the journal “Not by Work Alone.” It had five issues in the 1980s and Mr. Tavani hopes for two issues this year. Poetry, prose, philosophical writings, short stories and photos can be submitted to Bob Tavani, 600 W. Superior St, Apt 906, Duluth, MN 55802.


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