December 2006: Great quote from Maryhouse

I don’t normally digest the CW sections: Maryhouse, Peter Maurin Farm, or Book of Notes because they are about so many different things that any summary would wind up reproducing the entire column and I don’t have copyright authority to simply reproduce the New York CW’s work. Plus, it would be too much work for me even if they gave me the green light to do so.

But there is a wonderful quote about the Incarnation in the December 2006 Maryhouse column by Joanne Kennedy. I wish I’d had it for my Advent reflection:

Christmas is about the Incarnation. There is no Easter without Christmas, no death and Resurrection without the Magnificat. First a baby was born. What kind of fragile hope is that? Anything could have happened. What about childhood diseases? Jesus could have gotten in with the wrong friends, there was also that whole getting lost at the Temple episode, not to mention the attraction of revolutionary movements in an occupied land. But that apparently, was the plan, send the baby and see what happens. I know, I know, there’s the God-Man thing, but it was a heck of a gamble. How much faith must God have had in us? Surely we can return the favor.


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