April/May 2007 NYC Friday Night Meetings

This entry is being written on April 10, 2007 and I just received my Mar/Apr 2007 issue of Catholic Worker. Look for a full digest in the next week or so.

Because I know I have at least one reader in the New York City area, I wanted to point out the CW Friday Night Meetings for March while that information is still useful. All meetings begin at 7:45pm:

  • April 13 – Terry Rogers: Stories from Iran*
  • April 20 – Jerry Breen: NYC Single and Family Homeless & the Right to Shelter.*
  • April 27 – Renato Orara: “10,000 Things That Breathe” — An Iraqi Memorial Art Show.
  • May 4 – Sarah Melici: Fool for Christ (one-woman play on Dorothy Day).
  • May 11 – An Evening with David McReynolds.* Someone let me know if the link isn’t right.
  • May 18 – War and Peace Update.*

Why the meetings? I’ll let the Worker itself explain:

In keeping with Peter Maurin’s recognition of the need for ongoing clarification of thought, we invite you to join us for our weekly Friday night meetings. The meetings are held either at Maryhouse–55 East Third St, 212-777-9617, or St. Joseph House, 36 East First St, 212-254-1640. As far ahead as we can see, those we will hold at First Street will be marked with an *. Feel welcome to call and confirm the schedule. Both houses are between First and Second Avenues (2nd Ave. stop on the F or V train).

So, if you’re within driving distance of New York, please attend if you can. If you do, would you leave a comment here or send an e-mail to dnlcornwall AT alaska.net.


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