Books and More in May 2007 CW

Hi All,

Today I received the May 2007 issue of the Catholic Worker and I hope to post the digest in the next week or so.

While you’re waiting, let me introduce a new CW-related feature. Starting with this issue, I’m creating WorldCat lists of books, journals, films and other library type materials mentioned in the Catholic Worker. You can think of WorldCat as a computerized card catalog for most of the world’s libraries. There are exceptions, but it’s a discussion only librarians would want to have.

This issue’s list can be found at

So, what can you do with this list? Several things:

1) You can see if a library near you owns the book. For example, go to the list and click on “The war at home : the domestic costs of Bush’s militarism” Scroll down and you’ll see a list of libraries that hold the item. In my case none of the libraries are in my home town. But that’s no problem as we move to the second thing you can do…

2) You can use the information about an item to request an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) from your local library. Most libraries borrow stuff they don’t have from other libraries. Usually, but not always this service is free to you even though it costs the library money. Click on a title, and print off the page and take it to your local library and they will help you complete an ILL request. If you are reading this from a college or special library, you might be able to make this ILL request at the computer. Just look for a button on the screen that says “get this item” or “ILL”.

3) You can find related materials if a book or video excites you. Going back to my example of “The war at home : the domestic costs of Bush’s militarism”, you’ll see the record has a section marked “subjects” and the underlined words “United States. — Politics and government — 2001- | Militarism — United States. | Bush, George W. ” If you click on any of these underlined phrases, you’ll get a list of books and other materials on that topic. So this can be a good way to expand your social justice reading list.

So, please check out this issue’s list at and let me know if you find this to be a worthwhile feature.


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