May 2008 – Abbreviated

On the principle that something is better than nothing at all, this month’s digest will be a simple listing of titles and authors of stories appearing in the May 2008 issue of the Catholic Worker. Any hyperlinks below are to related information on the web and not to the article in the paper.

  • The Duty of Delight by Robert Ellsberg
  • An Easy Essay (Better and Better Off) by Peter Maurin
  • Because I Want to Believe by Dorothy Day
  • Ready for Whatever Happens (Ruth Collins) by Patrick Jordan
  • Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker by The Editors
  • Houses of Hospitality (Directory) by The Editors
  • The Art of The Worker by Geoffrey Gneuhs
  • A Good Shepherd at the CW (Sr. Teresa Murray) by Anne Marie Kaune
  • Lives of Joyful Dedication by George Anderson, SJ
  • An Artist for All Seasons (Rita Corbin) by Matt Vogel

The May 2008 issue was the 75th Anniversary of the first issue of the Catholic Worker which was begun May 1, 1933. I am glad to see them still going strong.


As far as I know, the text and woodcut graphics of the Catholic Worker are not available on-line. If you would like the full text of an article that I mention here, I have three suggestions:

1) Try to borrow the article through Interlibrary Loan.

2) Contact the archivist for the CW at Marquette University:

Phil Runkel
Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Raynor Memorial Libraries
Marquette University
1355 W. Wisconsin Ave, PO Box 3141
Milwaukee, WI 53201-3141

3) Try contacting the Catholic Worker directly. They MAY be willing to send you the article, though I don’t know if they have morgue files. It seems likely they do, since they often reprint Dorothy Day articles. Contact information for Catholic Worker appears in the “subscribe” section below.

To Subscribe:

Even you if you don’t like what you see here, I encourage you to try a subscription to the Catholic Worker. They will give you a subscription for $0.25/year (If you want to cover the actual costs of a subscription, send them $10). You can hardly do better than a quarter a year!

Send your subscription requests to:

Catholic Worker
36 East 1st St.
New York, NY 10003
Telephone: 212-777-9617 or 212-677-8627.

Even if you think you hate the Catholic Worker movement and all it stands for, subscribe anyway. See what the other side is doing. Also get it for the obituaries. Nowhere else will you find people memorializing the marginalized the way the Catholic Worker celebrates the lives that come through their houses of hospitality. Everyone can learn something about how to see every person’s dignity by perusing these obituaries.


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