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October/November 2007

November 3, 2007

The October/November 2007 issue of the Catholic Worker featured the following articles:

  • Divinity Here and Now by Dorothy Day – Reprint of 1949 article reflecting on how motherhood brings a person out of themselves and provides faith life will continue. Also reflects on every Christian’s call to sainthood.
  • Recommendation & Request by Jim Forest and Robert Ellsberg – Jim Forest recommends the DVD version of the Dorothy Day biographical play Fool for Christ. Robert Ellsberg is beginning to collect and edit the letters of Dorothy Day. If you have some letters or know who does, please contact Robert Ellsberg at at Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY 10545.
  • In Human Terms by Bill Griffin – Commends the work of Ha’aretz columnist Amira Hass for humanizing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • CIW & Prison Phone Updates by Matt Vogel – These two short articles celebrate victories for justice. The Coalition of Immokale Workers, a Florida-based agricultural union convinced McDonald’s to pay growers an extra penny a pound for tomatoes. This agreement also raises workers wages and improves working conditions. In a separate update, the State of New York has agree to stop profiting from inmate phone cards. Work to get other states to follow suit is being undertaken by the Center for Constitutional Rights.
  • Torture on Trial in Arizona by Bill Quigley – Account of the ongoing trial of Fransican Fr. Louis Vitale and Jesuit Fr. Stephen Kelly for attempting to deliver a protest letter to the Fr. Huachuca office of Major General Barbara Fast. Article touches on incidents of US torture and the suicide of Abu Gharib interrogator Army Specialist Alyssa R. Peterson. According to the article, the outcome of the trial will not affect November 2007 protests planned for Ft. Huachuca. For information about the trial or the November protest, contact Jack or Felice Cohen-Joppa at 520-323-8697. Daniel’s Note: according to the group Pace e Bene, the two priests have been given a five month prison sentence.
  • Remember, Respond, Resist by Tanya Theriault – Accounts of remembrance and resistance relating to the American atomic bombings of WWII and our current occupation of Iraq.
  • Wrenched from My Heart by John Pitts Corry – A reflection on our obligations to the poor and how we in the West are all rich because we have shones.
  • Cardinal Lustiger, 1926-2007 by Bill Griffin – Obituary for Jewish convert and conservative French Catholic Bishop. Description of the complexity of his life and work and of his role in reconciling Catholics and Jews.
  • Beth Rogers, 1919-2007 by Felton Davis – Obituary of a long-time Catholic Worker and senior circulation manager. Has a number of reflections from the 1940s/1950s.
  • Grace Paley by Dan Mauk – Brief death notice and tribute to Grace by someone saved from a police beating by her vigilence.
  • Blessed Franz! by Jane Sammon – A celebration of the beatification of Franz Jagerstatter, German draft resister who rejected idolatory of the State. Suggests Jagerstatter as a patron for today’s objectors.
  • Book Review: Into the Silent Land: A Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation. By Martin Laird, OSA. Oxford University Press New York 2006. Reviewed by Robert Trabold. – Favorable review of a guide to contemplative prayer.


As far as I know, the text and woodcut graphics of the Catholic Worker are not available on-line. If you would like the full text of an article that I mention here, I have three suggestions:

1) Try to borrow the article through Interlibrary Loan.

2) Contact the archivist for the CW at Marquette University:

Phil Runkel
Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Raynor Memorial Libraries
Marquette University
1355 W. Wisconsin Ave, PO Box 3141
Milwaukee, WI 53201-3141

3) Try contacting the Catholic Worker directly. They MAY be willing to send you the article, though I don’t know if they have morgue files. It seems likely they do, since they often reprint Dorothy Day articles. Contact information for Catholic Worker appears in the “subscribe” section below.

To Subscribe:

Even you if you don’t like what you see here, I encourage you to try a subscription to the Catholic Worker. They will give you a subscription for $0.25/year (If you want to cover the actual costs of a subscription, send them $10). You can hardly do better than a quarter a year!

Send your subscription requests to:

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Even if you think you hate the Catholic Worker movement and all it stands for, subscribe anyway. See what the other side is doing. Also get it for the obituaries. Nowhere else will you find people memorializing the marginalized the way the Catholic Worker celebrates the lives that come through their houses of hospitality. Everyone can learn something about how to see every person’s dignity by perusing these obituaries.


Nov/Dec 2007 NYC Friday Meetings

November 3, 2007

This entry is being written on November 3, 2007 and I just received my Aug/Sept 2007 issue of the Catholic Worker a few days ago. Look for a full digest in the next week or so. Because I know I have several readers in the New York City area, I wanted to point out the CW Friday Night Meetings while that information is still useful.

All meetings begin at 7:45pm:

Nov 9 – Anna Brown: Etty Hillesum–The Language of the Incandescent Heart
Nov 16 – Marie Ponsot and Lawrence Joseph: Poetry against nonviolence
Nov 23 – No Meeting. Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 30 – Alice Hendrickson: A Year in Southeast Turkey Among the Kurds*
Dec 7 – Anthony Giacchino’s film – The Camden 28
Dec 14 – A Conversation with the NYC New Sanctuary Movement.*
Dec 21 – Annual Christmas Party — Please Join Us!
Dec 28 – No Meeting–Happy New Year!

Why the meetings? I’ll let the Worker itself explain:

In keeping with Peter Maurin’s recognition of the need for ongoing
clarification of thought, we invite you to join us for our weekly Friday night
meetings. The meetings are held either at Maryhouse–55 East Third St,
212-777-9617, or St. Joseph House, 36 East First St, 212-254-1640. As far ahead
as we can see, those we will hold at First Street will be marked with an *. Feel
welcome to call and confirm the schedule. Both houses are between First and
Second Avenues (2nd Ave. stop on the F or V train).

So, if you’re within driving distance of New York, please attend if you can. If you do, would you leave a comment here or send an e-mail to dnlcornwall AT