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Has anyone out there got Dec 2007?

December 29, 2007

UPDATE 1/16/2008 – December 2007 arrived today.
Hi All,

In case you’ve been wondering why a new digest hasn’t come out this month, it’s because I’ve yet to receive my December 2007 issue of the Catholic Worker. I haven’t seen it in my church either, which for whatever reason gets the Worker about a week before I get mine at home.

I know the Worker has been having problems getting stuff mailed to locations outside the lower 48. So if you read this blog, and you’ve received a copy would you either leave me a comment or send me an e-mail letting me know what city you live in and when you got your copy?

Even better, if you’d take one of the previous digest entries as a model, I’d really appreciate it if you would put together a “guest digest” and e-mail it to me at dnlcornwall “AT” I’ll give you credit when the entry is posted.

I will probably pull this entry if my copy of CW comes in before someone sends me a guest digest.

Thanks and I hope you have a blessed 2008 with an outpouring of justice. – Daniel